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Straighten Up Your Act is an incredible service. I highly recommend investing the money to allow the time to be more creative and generate more money, joy, and opportunity in your life than a dysfunctional office. Straighten Up Your Act was a perfect way for me to enhance my life and grow my career. – Nikki F

My husband says it is the best money he ever spent. - Jennie H

This is a “must have” service for anyone trying to manage all the paper that comes into today’s office. More than just a filing system, Brandy teaches an approach to desktop management that puts the executive in control of the flood. 8 months after her consultation, I have kept my desk clear and my office organized. –– Kevin D

You’ve done a great job! It has made a big difference and improved communications here. –– Lisa T

You waded into the chaos that I couldn’t face – and did a gracious and masterful job in helping me get organized. –– Laura N

“Wow!  What you accomplished is absolutely amazing!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for staying focused for three solid days to clean out and organize 50+ years of “stuff.”  I could never have done even a fraction of what we did if I had not finally called you for help.  As you know, it was a difficult task for me alone with the attachment I had to sentimental things.  Thank you for a new, fresh perspective on the items of importance.  It feels so good to walk through both garages and find what I need.  Don’t breathe yet, though, I’ll be calling again for the house and the Christmas attic items!” - Sandra M

“Brandy came to my office shortly after I moved in. She spent some time helping me to organize the space that I had for storage and equipment. Brandy was very practical and provided easy to implement ideas for my office space. I would highly recommend her services to a business owner.” - Debbie F

“Thank you, Brandy, for helping me gain control of my home office. As a small business owner that works out of a home office, it is critical that my business has its own space and that it function efficiently.  I can now spend my time growing my business instead of fighting against office clutter and disorganization. You helped me get rid of what I didn’t need, freeing up space to have all the necessary tools, files and items in just the right spot!” - Missy W

“I highly recommend the services of Straighten Up Your Act.  Without judgment, with warmth and a professional eye, my organizer is helping me turn chaos into order.  The services are priced reasonably and, with seemingly little effort, I have seen immediate results.  I find that modifying a few behavior patterns has made a huge difference.  I have so much more energy as a result.  Straighten Up Your Act changed my life!  - Jo Ann S


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